[webkit-help] Windows build questions

Vijay techvd at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 21:44:00 PST 2016

I have a couple of questions about Windows build.

1. Is it possible to build a 64-bit version for Windows?
There doesn't seem to be any command-line options to configure 64-bit
builds for Windows. I tried with the right 64-bit environment setup for
Visual Studio but that still only produces a 32-bit build. Even the
WebKitSupportLibrary only seems to have win32 libraries. I'm not sure if
there is a separate 64-bit version of the library. Any pointers are

2. Is it possible to build webgl for Windows?
Webgl is turned off for Windows. Enabling it using --webgl from the build
script doesn't seem to do anything. Looking at some of the cmakefiles it
seems like webgl is not supported on Windows. Is that correct? Am I missing
anything? I can't imagine why webgl couldn't be easily supported on Windows
but I don't have all the details.

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