[webkit-help] Fix Version for Bugs (particularly 147418 Crash in WebCore::DocumentLoader::stopLoadingForPolicyChange)

Grant Patterson grant at buildingrobotics.com
Mon Oct 19 14:31:07 PDT 2015

Apologies if my attempt at due diligence before posting here was

I'm seeing this bug in my recently-released iOS Cordova App (lots of WebKit
use) on an iOS 9.0.2 device:

It was fixed on 2015-7-29, but how am I to know whether or not that bugfix
made it into iOS 9.0.2?
If it didn't, I suppose I can call this "not my fault" and move on. (Unless
there's a workaround, but I see no mention of one.)
If it did, I should probably dig deeper or maybe reopen the bug.

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