[webkit-help] Public API Headers

Georg Potthast mailbox at georgpotthast.de
Tue Nov 10 09:08:41 PST 2015


there is no public and stable API that you can use. You'll have to just take the code as it is and make your own port as you need it. 

But please be aware that WebKit is constantly changing, so by the time you are done with your port it will no longer work with the current version of WebKit. So typically if you are on your own it will take you just as much time as you needed for doing your port to make it work again with the latest version of WebKit. While in the meantime WebKit has changed again..... So this will make you really happy to use WebKit in your project!

You may want to take a look at the GTK port. This will be made to work with the latest version of WebKit for you and provides a stable API for the developers that use it in their applications.

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