[webkit-help] Content blocker, performance issue

Tuan Bach Quoc tuan.bach at gmail.com
Mon Jul 6 15:07:00 PDT 2015

Hi Webkit team,

I was reading the documentation around the content blocker extension. there
is one sentence that triggers my curiosity:

If the rule compiler detects that a set of rules would negatively impact
user experience, it refuses to load them and returns an error.

The compiler will check the performance of the rules only once? or every
time a page is loaded?

Basically my concern is that the performance of the set of rules are also
impacted by the page the user is currently loading. The performance of a
set of rules could be different depending on which website it is applied to
right ?

Could we have more details on how the compiler works and how does it
evaluate if the rules are "negatively impact user experience" ?

Many thanks in advance for reading,

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