[webkit-help] WebKitGTK & DirectFB?

Edwin James edjamesg at gmail.com
Tue Dec 22 21:20:34 PST 2015

Hello All,

 I have downloaded the latest WebkitGTK+ in linux & compiled & ran. The
browser looks great.

How ever our existing platform has a support for DirectFB drivers. Where
the WebkitGTK+ kit  doesnt seem to support directFB directly.

I have seen in forums , still the WebKITGT+ can be built with directFB as
backend using the cairo.  I tried to build cairo with directFBbackend ,
without X library.

But it throws me error
kit2gtk-4.0.so.37.10.0 @CMakeFiles/WebKit2.rsp  && :
WebCore::IntRect const&, bool): error: undefined reference to
long, Visual*, int, WebCore::IntSize const&, float): error: undefined
reference to 'cairo_xlib_surface_create'

Looks like still GTK depends on X libraries.

Can you please give more idea whether its possible to build the GTK+ ,
cairo + directFB alone ( excluding the xlibrary)

Appreciate the help.

Best Regards
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