[webkit-help] Using MiniBrowser to load content blocking rules

Benjamin Poulain benjamin at webkit.org
Sun Aug 30 22:33:48 PDT 2015

Look for an item "Show Extensions Manager" in the "Debug" menu.
 From there you can load your JSON files directly.

Inside WebKit, Content Blockers are part of the content extensions 
subsystem. That's why it is under the name "Extension" in MiniBrowser.


On 8/30/15 9:14 PM, Simon Blanchard wrote:
> Hi
> The blog at 
> https://www.webkit.org/blog/3476/content-blockers-first-look/ says "If 
> you hack on WebKit, MiniBrowser also lets you load rule sets directly 
> from the Debug menu."
> I compiled WebKit on 10.10.5 using XCode 6.4 and I run MiniBrowser 
> with Tools/Scripts/run-minibrowser. But there's no option for loading 
> blockers in the Debug menu in my build.
> Am I missing something in the configuration?
> Thanks

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