[webkit-help] Customizing webkit for tracing Javascript execution

selam selamtux at gmail.com
Thu Aug 27 04:25:54 PDT 2015

Hi all,

For my personal project i need to track down javascript executions
(not with inspection feature),  and for doing this i needed to track
XMLHttpRequest.addEventListeners, setTimeout, setInterval,
clearTimeout and clearInterval functions/methods and inside exection
of ScriptElement. and i dont needed other events except onload events
on elements

However I dont want to touch webkit's source code for do this job,
instead very like to extend XMLHttpRequest and other things and use
it. but i coudn't find a proper solution and documentation for this

So my question is what and how should i do? Any example of code or
documentation will be fine.

I am very stranger to C++ world but i am quick learner.

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Timu EREN ( a.k.a selam )

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