[webkit-help] Question about WKNavigationDelegate API

Eugene But eugenebut at chromium.org
Thu Aug 20 08:31:49 PDT 2015


I would appreciate if someone could answer a question about:

According to method's documentation in WKNavigationDelegate.h:

*"If you do not implement this method, the web view will respond to the
authentication challenge with the
NSURLSessionAuthChallengeRejectProtectionSpace disposition.". *

But according to
documentation in NSURLSession.h:

"Default handling for the challenge - as if this delegate were not
implemented; the credential parameter is ignored."

So my question is: are these 2 enum values
and NSURLSessionAuthChallengeRejectProtectionSpace) identical for the
purpose of implementing didReceiveAuthenticationChallenge:?

If I want to implement didReceiveAuthenticationChallenge: and perform its
default behavior (as this method was not implemented) which enum value
should I use?

Thanks in advance,
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