[webkit-help] Feedback and questions regarding Content Blocking Extensions

Romain Jacquinot rjacquinot at me.com
Thu Aug 13 09:49:15 PDT 2015


After a few days experimenting with Content Blocking in Safari, I have a few questions / some feedback:

1) There are currently no recursive exception rules. It is therefore not possible to whitelist a full website or webpage, i.e. ignoring all rules regardless of where the content comes from. I've filed a bug report at bugreport.apple.com: #22268224. Are there any plans to add this feature before the release of iOS 9.0 and OS X 10.11?

2) Enabling content blockers from Safari Settings may be complicated for some non-tech-savvy users. It would be great to be able to open Safari Settings directly (or even better Content Blockers' Settings) from a third-party app using URL-schemes. Bug report: #22217664

3) With iOS 9.0 (13A4325c), content blocking doesn’t work on iPad, only in the simulator. I've filed a bug report at bugreport.apple.com: #22217578. Is it a known bug?



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