[webkit-help] resource-request-starting and never match

Victor Lucero victor.lucero at ipartner.cl
Fri May 23 15:24:10 PDT 2014

Im used webkit throught 1.8.3 to webkitgtk3-2.2.7

and the signal resource-request-starting never match the amount of resource-resource-load-finished
like there are resources that arent reported as finished.

I also attach events to soupsesion to see every request but they never match, and the diference is very big. 

just tested a regular site and resource-request-starting reported 96 elements but of those only 65 reported resource-resource-load-finished(the elements reported trought the soupsession almot match the ones reported via resource-request-starting )

I tested a lot of sites and the number are always like this.

I also tried to attach events to the soupmessage that comes trought the signal "resource-request-starting" but i was looking at the rource and looks like webkitgtk just use it as reference using "updateFromSoupMessage".

can you guideme to a way to know all the elements that finished loading ?

best regards Victor Lucero.

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