[webkit-help] STIX and MathJX

Dev Poudel toyou.dev at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 07:39:39 PDT 2014

I am trying to build webkit in windows using cygwin.
When I run update-webkit I get follwoing error:

*At revision 170915.Checking Last-Modified date of
WebKitAuxiliaryLibrary.zip...Current WebKitAuxiliaryLibrary is up to
datesvn 1.7.10 is known to be compatible with our servers. You are running
svn, version 1.8.9 (r1591380),which may not work properly.Error (2): The
system cannot find the file specified.Error (2): The system cannot find the
fonts, such as STIX and MathJax, are needed touse the MathML feature.  You
do not appear to have these fontson your system.You can download a suitable
set of fonts from the following
tools are correct for the WebKit build.Setting the Environment Variable
'C:\cygwin\home\pouddev\WebKit\WebKitLibraries\win'Setting the Environment
Variable 'MSBUILDDISABLENODEREUSE' to '1'Setting the Environment Variable
'WEBKIT_OUTPUTDIR' to 'C:\cygwin\home\pouddev\WebKit\WebKitBuild'Please
restart your computer before attempting to build inside Visual Studio.*

I do not find any way to install these libraries from cygwin setup.
If I download in zip in which folder should I keep inside webkit to make it
Where should I find these missing files.

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