[webkit-help] cacert.pem for Cairo

Sam Hobbs Sam at SimpleSamples.info
Sat Jan 25 20:26:58 PST 2014

I apologize for wasting people's time. There is a reply to the 
SourceForge WebKit .Net project that probably provides the answer. Also 
see [webkit-help] WebKit+cairo open HTTPS issue & local certificate file 

Hopefully I just need to find a cacert.pem file that I can use. The 
other discussion post says that the certificate needs to be updated but 
the link that it provides does not work. I was frantically trying to get 
it to work and since I could not get to the link I forgot about that.

I did set the "WEBKIT_IGNORE_SSL_ERRORS" environment variable equal to 
"1"  and that got me into the signin page, so that is a good indication 
that it will work with a revised cacert.pem file.
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