[webkit-help] Use of SSL in WebKit .NET

Sam Hobbs Sam at SimpleSamples.info
Sat Jan 25 15:47:57 PST 2014

I am not sure if this is a problem that can be solved be modifying some 
security settings in WebKit. I hope it is. I seem to be having a problem 
using SSL in WebKit. I am using C# and Visual Studio 2013 for a local 
desktop application.

I need to browse to a web page then access the HTML in it using WebKit. 
I am very familiar with the use of the Microsoft WebBrowser control to 
use Internet Explorer to browse to a web page then access the HTML. A 
possible alternative solution would be to open a separate Google Chrome 
or WebKit window and then manipulate the HTML in it, but it is difficult 
to find anything explaining how to do that.

I downloaded WebKit .NET from WebKit .NET - Browse /WebKit .NET 0.x/0.5 
at SourceForge.net 
Using WebKit .NET from SourceForge I am getting "Peer certificate cannot 
be authenticated with known CA certificates" when I try to use SSL.

I am using C# and Visual Studio 2013. I have created a Windows Forms 
project and added the WebKitBrowser to my project's references. I am 
executing the program in my local system. When it navigates to 
google.com it goes there but when I click on "Sign in" I get the error. 
This seems to happen for any web site when I need SSL (to sign in).

If I use the WebKitBrowserTest.exe sample then I can sign into Google; 
SSL seems to work that way.

I have posted a comment in WebKit .NET / Discussion / Help:SSL-Support? 
<http://sourceforge.net/p/webkitdotnet/discussion/939856/thread/be9a178c> but 
I have received no responses. If the problem can be solved in WebKit 
outside of the WebKit .NET project then that will really help.

If I really have to, I can use C++ instead but I am sure there are many 
other C# programmers that could use a solution.

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