[webkit-help] Font rendering regression

Dirkjan Ochtman dirkjan at ochtman.nl
Wed Jan 15 03:28:19 PST 2014

Hi there,

In updating our in-house webkit version (with Cairo and Freetype,
running on Linux), I've run into a font rendering regression. No doubt
we're doing something wrong, and I've looked around the code in
platform/graphics a bunch, but I've yet to find out what might have
changed. Does anyone have some suggestions on what code/changes to
look at?

I'm updating from a Dec 2011 snapshot to a Mar 2013 snapshot (and yes,
I hope we can keep it closer to tip of trunk soon), so the regression
range is pretty large, and unfortunately bisecting is kind of painful
with our current repository setup.

Here's what I'm seeing (before, then after):


Note how the small type has become very fat, and especially the larger
TrueType rendering is kind of irregular.

Thanks in advance,


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