[webkit-help] Errors in LocalizedStrings.cpp: newline in constant

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Hi Moon,

I ever meet the same issue as you. My environment is Win 7 32 English with 
default English language. To pass compile, I just replace the string with 
others. Not sure any problem.

    ..\platform\LocalizedStrings.cpp(248): error C2001: newline in 



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[webkit-help] Errors in LocalizedStrings.cpp: newline in constant

Hi there,
With gcc installed and some other minor problems fixed, I've managed to 
build WebKit-r161524 (2014-01-09 02:29:27 GMT) on 10 January. I posted my 
build experience on 
http://blog.csdn.net/lzl124631x/article/details/18098361. (I also posted 
my question on stackoverflow but it turned out to be a tumbleweed.)

I still have one more question. I met the same error message as one year 
earlier when I built WebKit for the first time. The error message and my 
solution are as below.

Error Message:
     ..\platform\LocalizedStrings.cpp(248): error C2001: newline in 
     ..\platform\LocalizedStrings.cpp(250): error C2001: newline in 
     Open Source/WebCore/platform/LocalizedString.cpp, search "Look Up", 
delete the DOUBLE-BYTE double quotation marks around “%@” and “

This problem is caused by the double-byte double quotation marks around %@ 
and <selection>. I just deleted the marks and the error was gone. However, 
I don't think this is a "real" error otherwise the WebKit team must have 
noticed it and had it fixed. Maybe this problem is cause by the default 
character encoding method of my environment (My system locale is Chinese) 
but I'm not sure about that.

Could anyone give me some hints on why I met this problem and how to fix 
it in the right way? Thanks!

Best Regards,

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