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Thanks for your reply.
I want to make a caches list.
But I am not clear about this .
I think localStorage and appcache may have this memory limit.
Can you suggest me some other function?


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On 4/24/14, 7:44 AM, jy_lizl at cn.fujitsu.com wrote:
> I'm investigating the webkit's memory part.
> But I confused memory limit of webkit.
> I want to know how many memory limit of webkit?
> And what are these max size ? can somebody tell me some info?
> Which part has these limit?
> For example ,I know memory cache has a limit ,the max memory size is about 8MB.

There is no global memory limit for WebKit. Most caches have their own limits, usually defined experimentally.

The general strategy regarding memory is to use the RAM as needed to maximize the runtime performance.

When memory is exhausted, a memory pressure handler try to free as much memory as possible (look for memoryPressure/lowMemory in the source).

The way the memory pressure handler is invoked depends on the system. On OS X/iOS, it is a system notification sent to the app by the system.

Unfortunately, most of the memory used by Web Browser is indirectly created by the content. As a result, it is not bounded, and it cannot be reclaimed on memory pressure.

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