[webkit-help] rendering a webkit output into a video file

Tommy Chheng tommy.chheng at gmail.com
Wed Apr 16 08:19:12 PDT 2014

I'm working on a system to render an HTML5 animation to a video file. So
far, we have been able to use phantomjs to output image files at time
intervals and combine them together with ffmpeg.

This solution mostly works but phantomjs doesn't include features like
video tag support or webgl.

It looks like webkitgtk+ includes a full stack rendering with video tag(via
gstreamer) and webgl support.

Where can i start investigating in the code how to use webkitgtk+ to
snapshot a rendering of a web page at time intervals?

Because we want this to run as an automated process on a headless linux
system, screencasting tools are out of the question.

Also, to give an analogy, if we have an animation system written in OpenGL,
we can easily capture image frames to video using glReadPixels. We want the
equivalent "glReadPixels" for webkitgtk.

I noticed some mention of a webkitvideosink from
http://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/conference/slides/webkit.pdf but not much
details of how it works.

Tommy Chheng
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