[webkit-help] cached scripts leak in C Loop Interpreter mode

Konstantin Tokarev annulen at yandex.ru
Mon Apr 14 03:09:54 PDT 2014

12.04.2014, 00:04, "Benjamin Poulain" <benjamin at webkit.org>:
> On 4/11/14, 9:46 AM, Baldeva, Arpit wrote:
>>  Thanks. Here is the official bug -
>>  https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=131544
>>  I have described the fix in the bug report. I have verified it as
>>  well by letting it run overnight. Unfortunately, I am not set up to
>>  submit the patches but hopefully the info is enough for landing the
>>  fix.
>>  Out of curiosity, is there no active port of WebKit that uses non JIT
>>  path? I was under an assumption that iOS port uses the non JIT path
>>  for web views. The interpreter path is certainly very helpful by
>>  allowing webkit to run on devices that do now allow/support JIT
>>  mode.
> The JIT compilers are always compiled on iOS. The JIT compilers are
> disabled at runtime based on the security entitlements.
> The LLINT interpreter is fully supported, but I don't think anyone in
> the project use LLINT without ENABLE(JIT).

But AFAIU it's not possible to build WebKit with JIT disabled and don't
use LLINT's C loop at the same time.


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