[webkit-help] Windows Build Error

Bear Travis betravis at adobe.com
Fri Sep 6 17:38:50 PDT 2013

Hi Shane and Pravin,

I'm pretty new in the area, but I've worked through a couple build errors
and can hopefully get you a little further along. I'm assuming you're
building the AppleWin port, but the advice might work on the other ports
as well.

In the build log (which you can review under
WebKitBuild/[Release|Debug][port]/BuildOutput.htm), what is the first
project that failed to build?
If you look back through that project, are there any suspicious lines that
look like errors?

During the build, errors can cascade pretty badly, so if an earlier
project fails everything else may fail as well.

It looks like the error you're seeing is in the WTF project. Missing files
in this project are generally due to a build failure in its dependency,
WTFGenerated. If you installed cygwin on your own rather than using the
WebKit downloader script, you may be missing several required utilities.
If this is the case you will see lines like:
'sh: no curl'
'Can't exec unzip'
'Python not found: install python'
'Make command not found'
'/usr/bin/env: ruby no such file or directory'
If this is the case, just open the cygwin installer and add them.

There are a couple other errors I ran into that require separate
solutions, so if you see them let me know.
'Error msb6001 invalid command line switch for CL.exe. Item has already
been added. Key in dictionary: 'TMP' Key being added: 'TMP''
'Cannot find ŠVCExpress.exe'

Again, a little new in the area, so this may not address your problem. But
figured I'd throw it out there.


On 9/6/13 9:18 AM, "Shane Bundy" <bricky149 at cryptolab.net> wrote:

>Pravin D <pravind.2k4 at ...> writes:
>> Hi All,
>> I'm trying to make a webkit build (windows port) and getting a couple
>> One of the error is :
>> Error	1	error C1083: Cannot open include file:
>'WTF/WTFHeaderDetection.h': No such file or directory	
>\Source\WTF\wtf\Platform.h	630
>I'm getting the same issue here and I can't work out why.
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