[webkit-help] How to build 64-bit version of Webkit.dll

Takayuki Kunihiro kunihiro at fsi.co.jp
Fri Nov 22 01:08:21 PST 2013

Hello Everyone,

I would like to build the x64 version of Webkit.dll on Windows.

However, because of the 32-bit libraries, library contained in
WebkitSupportLibrary will link error.
For example, LINK error: 'CoreFoundation.lib'

Is it, can I get the 64-bit version of WebkitSupportLibrary?
Or Is it possible to build from source.

In addition, x64 version of Webkit.dll Is it can be created?
If I think I want to let me know if there is there any way.

Takayuki Kunihiro

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