[webkit-help] About the ]problem build on win7

huangxueqing huangxueqing at baidu.com
Mon May 13 19:19:23 PDT 2013

>Hi all:
>   I build webkit-r149579 successfully on Windows7 .and I want to run
./run-safari script,but I find that the safari can;t be launched, so I
research the reason from th internet, I find that most people say ,after
building, >the output dir includs Webkit.exe, miniBrowser.exe
,WinLauncher.exe and so on executable file, but I don't find
miniBrowser.exe, so I guess this is the reason that the safari can't bu

>So I mean to build a earlier version of webkit,and then I download
>webkit-r132317 form wbkit.org ,and I open webkit.sln with VS2005,I find
that the projects included in r132317 are more than r149579.and r132317
includes the project miniBrowser ,then I build it successfully, and
>run-safari . Finally the safari can be launched successfully.

>So I want to know ,why the number of projects of later version is less than
the earlier  version(e.g Minibrowser),and why the later version can't run
with safari.

The reason was WebKit2 for Windows has been removed from WebKit repository,
that means WebKit2 did not implemented in Windows any more. Minibrowser just
like Safari as a demo based on WebKit2 while WinLauncher bases on WebKit
So, you could not run ./run-safari in Windows, maybe you can run WinLauncher
to debug WebKit if you did not care WebKit2 staff.
Maybe QTWebKit for Windows implemented WebKit2, I'm not sure.

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