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ying pei yingpei3520 at gmail.com
Mon May 13 00:42:20 PDT 2013

Hi all:

   I build webkit-r149579 successfully on Windows7 .and I want to run
./run-safari script,but I find that the safari can;t be launched, so I
research the reason from th internet, I find that most people say ,after
building, the output dir includs Webkit.exe,
miniBrowser.exe ,WinLauncher.exe and so on executable file, but I don't
find miniBrowser.exe, so I guess this is the reason that the safari can't
bu launched.

So I mean to build a earlier version of webkit,and then I download
webkit-r132317 form wbkit.org ,and I open webkit.sln with VS2005,I find
that the projects included in r132317 are more than r149579.and r132317
includes the project miniBrowser ,then I build it successfully, and
run-safari . Finally the safari can be launched successfully.

 So I want to know ,why the number of projects of later version is less
than the earlier  version(e.g Minibrowser),and why the later version can't
run with safari.

   Thanks a lot
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