[webkit-help] JavascriptCore: functions executing on a native timer

Spencer Kohan spencerkohan at gmail.com
Sun Feb 17 21:48:39 PST 2013

I'm working on a simple application where a few JS functions are cached
during setup and then called repeatedly on a timer.  I'm getting a failed
assertion when the cached script is called, and I don't know how to debug

So my C application looks something like this:

    static JSContextRef cachedFunctionContext;

    static JSObjectRef cachedFunction;

    //this callback caches the 'tick' function defined in the setup script

    JSValueRef setTickFunctionCallback(JSContextRef ctx, JSObjectRef
function, JSObjectRef thisObject, size_t argumentCount, const JSValueRef
arguments[], JSValueRef *exception){

        cachedFunction = arguments[0];

        cachedFunctionContext = ctx;

        JSValueProtect(ctx, cachedFunction);

        return JSValueMakeNull(ctx);


    //this function runs the setup script

    void setup(const char* setupScript){

        //setup context and native callbacks

        JSEvaluateScript(context, scriptJS, NULL, NULL, 0, NULL);


    //this function is called on a timer

    void tick(){

         JSObjectCallAsFunction(cachedFunctionContext, cachedFunction,


And my setup script looks something like this:

    var setup = function() {


            //do something




But during execution, I get this assertion failure I don't know how to

*ASSERTION FAILED: callFrame->frameExtent() <= oldEnd || callFrame ==

Any insight into what I might be doing wrong would be greatly appreciated.
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