[webkit-help] about html5 and http protocol

T andolsi thouraya.andolsi at gmail.com
Fri Dec 27 06:15:47 PST 2013


Running some html5 tests, I'm getting  the following error:

GStreamer-ERROR **: gstbuffer.c:542: failed to allocate 38707983 bytes

Debugging the issue, I see that in
"StreamingClient::didReceiveData(ResourceHandle* handle, const char* data,
int length, int)" function,we are trying to allocate a huge size of memory.

I think that in webkit, we are loading all the stream in one or tow
buffers. Is it the case ?

Is there any way in webkit to stream the video: I mean to not load all the
data in one or tow buffers ?
to use *Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP ?*

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