[webkit-help] regarding notification feature in webkit2

Sumit Kumar skumar.bsacet at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 20:46:34 PDT 2012

first of all, thanks to this great help-community of webkit.
I need a little help again to sort-out problems regarding NOTIFICATION
feature of nightly build.


(1) I build webkit nightly build version "WebKit-r126323" to
enable/implement NOTIFICATION feature.
To start work on NOTIFICATION, I tried to enable the NOTIFICATION
feature or related flags using two keywords as: --enable-Notification
--enable-legacy_notification, and feature is enabled.
Now, form here I start to face real problem. when I run notification
test case on nightly, it started the notification controller but could
not make call to interface. After starting notification controller, it
stops to respond and logging. I tried so many ways, i.e. checking all
the idl file, analyze all .cpp and .h file in directory
"WebCore/Module/notification", checked all the file with flag "#if

Finally, I stuck at the first step to work on it. it is failed to call
the first API to start work and not responding towards HTML5,
checked that interface and related API are there.

so is there any problem in interface to make call to regarding APIs?
or is there any alternative way to enable this feature? or let me know
if any work around is required to start working on it.

(2)I downloaded the newer version of webkit i.e. WebKit-r127810,
WebKit-r127990. I found that there is noting like "notification" in
configure file. I could not found the keywords "notification" and
"legacy_ notification" in ./configure file to enable the notification

so why is that?
Have you enabled any other way to enable this feature?

I build both of above versions but .cpp file regarding notification
feature (WebCore/Module/notification) are not compiling/building.

please help me to solve above problems.

Thanks you.

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