[webkit-help] Copy a DOM Tree?

Sriram Neelakandan sriram.neelakandan at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 00:24:24 PDT 2012

are you looking for
PassRefPtr<Node> Element::cloneNode(bool deep)

There is a JS API http://www.w3schools.com/dom/met_element_clonenode.asp
I guess this is what is used internally to implement the same.

2012/3/21 黄 轶明 <hoooooosety at gmail.com>

> hi,
> I wanna know it there anyway to copy a DOM Tree?
> After HTMLTreebuild build a dom tree, and in Document.cpp
> onLoadingFinished was called,
> I can get the body Element by the function body(). Can I get a copy of it
> using some function like:
> HTMLElement* deepcopy(HTMLElement* elem)
> Thank u very much!
> holsety huang
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