[webkit-help] Turning LOG macros on.

SMwebkit smwebkit at gmail.com
Sat Mar 17 13:23:33 PDT 2012

Adam Roben <aroben at ...> writes:

> On Mar 31, 2011, at 6:55 PM, Eduardo Felipe wrote:
> > Hate to have to come to the mailing list to ask something as simple as
> > this, but how can I turn those LOG macros into something that will
> > actually print to the terminal?
> 1) Use a build that does not have LOG_DISABLED defined. By default, Debug
builds do not have this defined,
> and Release builds do.
> 2) Turn on the logging channel(s) you care about. Each port has its own way of
doing this. For Apple's Mac OS X
> port, you can do something like:
> defaults write com.apple.Safari WebCoreLogLevel 0x2
> to turn on whatever WebCore logging channel is associated with the 0x2 bit.
You can see the list of logging
> channels and the bits they correspond to in the various Logging.cpp files in
the source tree.
> -Adam

Hi All,
I am trying to turn ON LOG messages on the terminal for "Network" using the
following commands on the terminal: 

$ defaults write com.apple.Safari WebCoreLogLevel Network
$ ./run-safari --debug

But nothing gets printed on the terminal. I even tried turning all LOG levels on
using :
$ defaults write com.apple.Safari WebCoreLogLevel 0x88888888

But only messages getting printed on Terminal are in the SQL related as below:

Starting Safari with DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH set to point to built WebKit in
SQL - prepare - PRAGMA temp_store = MEMORY;
SQL - step - PRAGMA temp_store = MEMORY;
SQL - finalize - PRAGMA temp_store = MEMORY

Can some one please advise how to turn LOG on for Network Network specifically
for Websockets.cpp ?


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