[webkit-help] Need trunk r29940

Flemming H. Sørensen flemming.sorensen at pyro-os.org
Mon Mar 12 00:15:06 PDT 2012


First of all, I hope I choose the right list, but in case I didn't, I will greatly appreciate pointers, in the right direction.

The story is this; A few years ago, WebKit was ported to the Syllable operating system, but as always, nothing ever got upstream. To make matters worse, the guy who ported it, disappeared from the project, and never released the patches, only the modified source.
I've been looking in the .svn directory (fortunately that was still intact), and it seems like the trunk used, was r29940 for both WebCore, and JavaScriptCore.

We (a fork of Syllable) want to update that port, and naturally I may be mistaking, but I do believe the best way would be to create a set of patches, and for that I would need a clean trunk. Now, I can only find r29933 and r29946, on your website, so I was wondering if there was somewhere else I could look, and hopefully find, r29940.

Best regards
Flemming H. Sørensen
The Pyro OS Team

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