[webkit-help] WebKit Build Error

Aman Gupta aman2304 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 22:42:52 PST 2012


I am trying to build WebKit on a 64 bit Windows 7 machine. I am using
Visual Studio 2005 professional edition. While building WebKit, Visual
Studio gives real time updates about the compilation status of each project
and file. While compiling the project "WebKit", I got the following error:

4>WebDatabaseManagerMessageReceiver.obj : error LNK2005: "public: static
bool __                             cdecl CoreIPC::ArgumentCoder<class
WTF::String>::decode(class CoreIPC::ArgumentD
ecoder *,class WTF::String &)" (?decode@?$ArgumentCoder at VString@WTF@
@@CoreIPC@@S                             A_NPAVArgumentDecoder at 2
@AAVString at WTF@@@Z) already defined in ArgumentCoders.obj
4>WebMediaCacheManagerMessageReceiver.obj : error LNK2005: "public: static
bool                              __cdecl CoreIPC::ArgumentCoder<class
WTF::String>::decode(class CoreIPC::Argumen
tDecoder *,class WTF::String &)" (?decode@?$ArgumentCoder at VString@WTF@
@@CoreIPC@                             @SA_NPAVArgumentDecoder at 2
@AAVString at WTF@@@Z) already defined in ArgumentCoders.o
4>   Creating library
            .lib and object
4>WebDatabaseManagerMessageReceiver.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved
external sym                             bol "public: bool __thiscall
CoreIPC::ArgumentDecoder::decodeBytes(unsigned char
     *,unsigned int)" (?decodeBytes at ArgumentDecoder@CoreIPC@@QAE_NPAEI at Z)
referenced                              in function "public: static bool
__cdecl CoreIPC::ArgumentCoder<class WTF::Stri
ng>::decode(class CoreIPC::ArgumentDecoder *,class WTF::String &)"
                            gumentCoder at VString@WTF@@@CoreIPC@
@SA_NPAVArgumentDecoder at 2@AAVString at WTF@@@Z)
4>WebMediaCacheManagerMessageReceiver.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved
external s                             ymbol "public: bool __thiscall
CoreIPC::ArgumentDecoder::decodeBytes(unsigned ch
  ar *,unsigned int)" (?decodeBytes at ArgumentDecoder@CoreIPC@@QAE_NPAEI at Z)
4>WebCore.lib(JSBindingsAllInOne.obj) : error LNK2019: unresolved external
symbo                             l "public: static void __cdecl
  ons(void)" (?deliverAllMutations at WebKitMutationObserver@WebCore@@SAXXZ)
referenc                             ed in function "private: static void
__cdecl WebCore::JSMainThreadExecState::did
LeaveScriptContext(void)" (?didLeaveScriptContext at JSMainThreadExecState
@WebCore@                             @CAXXZ)
4>WebCore.lib(HTMLElementsAllInOne.obj) : error LNK2019: unresolved
external sym                             bol "public: void __thiscall
    onRouter::incrementScopingLevel(class WebCore::Node *)"
MutationAccumulationRouter at ChildListMutationScope@WebCore@@QAEXPAVNode at 3@@Z)
ref                             erenced in function "public: __thiscall
stMutationScope(class WebCore::Node *)" (??0ChildListMutationScope at WebCore
@@QAE@                             PAVNode at 1@@Z)

Subsequent projects obviously failed to compile. Can anyone help me out
with this issue?

Aman Gupta
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