[webkit-help] Computing clientX & clientY for a Node.

huangxueqing huangxueqing at baidu.com
Mon Mar 5 18:09:12 PST 2012

Try this:
IntRect rect = static_cast<Element*>(node)->screenRect();
IntPoint p = m_page->chrome()->client()->screenToWindow(rect.x(), rect.y());

Which could return a coordinate relative viewport and has included scroll

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>Subject: [webkit-help] Computing clientX & clientY for a Node.
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>Hey WebKit,

>I'm trying to compute clientX & clientY for a Node in a way that is
relative to the viewport. So far I've only found the absoluteBoundingBoxRect
function on renderObject but the rect it returns is relative to the
>document. Any help with this would be great.


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