[webkit-help] Memory Leak in QtWebKit

Konstantin Tokarev annulen at yandex.ru
Sat Mar 3 01:55:10 PST 2012

03.03.2012, 13:28, "Fred Lee" <fred.lee at zetakey.com>:
> Dear Eric,
> I am not using QT, but usually, i would disable the PageCahce or set it
> to a very small number to limit the memory used by the CahcedResources,
> especially in some of the limited memory platform.

We've tried to disable all caches available through public APIs of QtWebKit to
reduce memory consumption on device but found that it leaks much more than.

Now we are using non-zero cache sizes (taken from Symbian example) and
browser works reliably (total physical RAM of device is 100 MB and QtWebKit is
taking about 50 MB in average).


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