[webkit-help] How webkit compile generated js binding src?

刘斌 liu.samba at gmail.com
Fri Jun 15 20:41:11 PDT 2012

Hi, friends
I am trying to extend webkit js api for my project,  my development tools
are VS2010+cygwin+webkit+cairo port.
And i am confused that how to compile generated js binding src, such as
JSxxx.cpp and JSxxxCustom.cpp.
I found the two files: JSBindingsAllInOne.cpp and DerivedSources.cpp in the
webkit source directory which includes all JSxxx.cpp and JSxxxCustom.cpp
I supposed that build system's script will modified these two files to
insert the new generated binding files,
but i noticed that these two files are not touched by script when I compile
the webkit.
Should I insert the JSxxx.cpp/JSxxxCustom.cpp into them by manual or may I
just made a mistake?

Any reference about extending js are welcomed.

Thank you
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