[webkit-help] NPAPI: are there plans for WebKit to support the "NPPVSupportsAdvancedKeyHandling" and focusable plugin objects?

Guillaume B guitreize at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 04:14:21 PDT 2012

Hello guys,

I'm trying to implement a focusable plugin object through the NPAPI plugin
framework, and I've come across the proposal from Mozilla here:
https://wiki.mozilla.org/NPAPI:AdvancedKeyHandling which states that it has
been implemented in Gecko since NPAPI version 25 (around 2009).

What it basically says is that a plugin object in the DOM should be
focusable through the "standard" calls "myObject.focus()" and lose focus
when another DOM object steals the focus (or through "myObject.blur()" ?
I'm not sure). When focused, the object will be able to handle events like
keyboard or mouse actions.

When browsing the source code of Webkit, I can see that the current npapi.h
file is in version 24:

So does this mean that it is not supported?
Do you know if there are plans for the support of more recent NPAPI plugin

Note: this is my first question here, I read the "asking questions" page on
webkit.org, but if my post is bad, just tell me!

PS: I reposted this, since my registration on webkit-help wasn't OK
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