[webkit-help] BUILD ERROR - WebKitCore

Charles F. Schatz schatzclan at slingshot.co.nz
Tue Jul 24 15:38:24 PDT 2012

Trying to build Webkit from snapshots, on: 

Slackware 3.37 with a pile of updated library software
Classic Pentium-S 200MHz, 128 MRam, 6GB HD (machine is absolutely maxed out, don't suggest any upgrades, it's not going to happen)

Attempted a build from a later nightly snapshot of Webkit (modified the Slackware build-script to cope). Both the original Slackware snapshot and the later snapshot r45012 bailed out of the rather long compile process at the same spot:

'int WebCore::findNextWordFromIndex'
'void WebCore::FindWordBoundary'

Both routines have the problem 'TextBoundariesICU:cpp:39:54: error: cannot convert 'WebCore::TextBreakIterator*' to 'UBreakIterator' in initialization

The configure script is happy with the environment.

I had to re-file the bug here after I originally filed a bug report which was rejected by https://bugs.webkit.org because it was a 'build error'. I take exception to this, because bad type conversions at the source code level are a coding bug, not a build error. I refuse to fix this myself for several reasons, one of which is not to second-guess what the original programmer had in mind, another is not to attempt to comprehend a design I know nothing about for a one-off project.

All I want is a module that builds clean so I can use the damned thing to build something else.

Charles F. Schatz

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