[webkit-help] JSC: Building win32 in 2008

Brian Barnes ggadwa at charter.net
Tue Jan 24 09:38:42 PST 2012

Let me apologize for the flood of emails to this list, but I'm learning 
to build on different systems and hopefully the troubles I've found can 
be used to update some of the instructions or make their way back to the 

Next up, the win32 2008 build.  I've having problems with JSC not 
working on certain machines, so I need to build it myself, and all my 
other code is in 2008.

First, an important note:  The download for cygwin on the webkit.org 
page defaults to leave out some very important libraries that you'll 
need to compile.  You might want to enhance the instructions to tell 
people to make sure they put an "install" on at least these: 

I've made these changes, and got most everything to compile:

1) Turned off treat warning as errors and added warning 4396 to be 
ignored.  This is because 2008 seems to be flaky about how the templates 
are setup with inline

2) In JavaScriptCore, I added: 
C:\cygwin\home\[usernamehere]\WebKit\Source\JavaScriptCore\os-win32 so 
it can find stdint.h

I'm using the Cario_CFLite build.

WTF compiles fine.
It seems to be building the lookups correctly.

JavaScriptCore has a couple problems.  The first one is it seems to be 
leaking corefoundation frameworks.  For instance:

: fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 
'CoreFoundation/CoreFoundation.h': No such file or directory

The line:

#if USE(CF)
#include <CoreFoundation/CoreFoundation.h>

Now, corefoundation exists in the QT SDK, but not under that path (it's 
outside of the CoreFoundation directory.)

So, the question is (hopefully Brent is around :) ), is this code 
supposed to be compiled, and why is it this way?

[>] Brian

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