[webkit-help] JSC: Compiling on iOS

Brian Barnes ggadwa at charter.net
Sun Jan 22 14:12:18 PST 2012

Since this has come up, and it looks like the framework is staying private, a lot of us need to compile JSC on iOS.  I'm going to throw everything away and restart a conversion of this that will be a target added to the current JSC project, hopefully document it correctly, and maybe get it put into the archive, which would be wonderful and save lots of people a lot of time.  There are a number of people maintaining and using other versions, it would be nice to get it in the source code.

So, I've started by getting all new code, updating it, duplicating the OS X target, hand-editing the project file (ugh) to get the type to static library, fixing a couple things, and then compiled.

My first problem is the *.lut.h files.

What are these, what generates them (they seem to not exist) and what are the possible causes of them not existing in my duplicated build?

I'd like to get an understanding of what these files are so I can properly fix things instead of just putting in a fix I don't understand.

[>] Brian

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