[webkit-help] Webkit Linux Variants

Nigel Hsiung nigelcz at hotmail.com
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1. Get the source$ cd /to/a/folder
$ git clone git://git.directfb.org/git/directfb/programs/WebKit WebKitDFB$ git checkout -b webkitdfb_2010-11-18 origin/webkitdfb_2010-11-18
get it from http://directfb.org/downloads/Libs/WebKit-r51967-dfb.tar.bz2
2. Build it$ cd WebKitDFB$     ./autogen.sh \      --prefix=/usr \      --with-target=directfb \      --without-gtkplus \      --enable-optimizations \      --disable-channel-messaging \      --enable-javascript-debugger \      --enable-offline-web-applications \      --enable-dom-storage \      --enable-database \      --disable-eventsource \      --disable-icon-database \      --enable-datalist \      --disable-video \      --enable-svg \      --enable-xpath \      --enable-xslt \      --enable-workers \      --disable-web-sockets \      --enable-jit \      --with-cairo-directfb \      --with-networking-backend=curl $ make $ make install
See the README.DirectFB 
3. Run it.$ webkitdfb http://www.google.com
Note: You'd need to have first installed the dependencies - LiTE-0.8.10,  libxslt, pango, enchant, cairo, pixman, icu4c, directfb, fontconfig, libxml2, freetype, sqlite, curl, glib, jpeg,  libpng, and zlib.
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Hello Nigel,
What is the procedure to build Webkit-dfb ?



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>>Apart for GTK Webkit and QT Webkit, which other variants may be used on Linux ?
>>If a very minimalistic browser is required on Ubuntu Linux, which is the best port to take ?
Its as minimalist as you can get. ;)

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