[webkit-help] Multichannel output from the Web Audio API?

Dave Benson davehbenson at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 13:46:53 PST 2012

Hi there,

Does anyone know what the state of play is with multichannel output from
the Web Audio API?  At the moment the implementation only seems to support
2 channels of output ("stereo"), but the W3C proposal and the source code
suggest an intention to eventually support larger channel counts.

Is anyone currently working on implementing multichannel?  If so, is there
any timeline for when a working build might be available?

I'm interested in writing a web app that interfaces with a 5.1 channel
loudspeaker array. Just curious whether anyone's working on this
functionality, and whether they can share any information regarding when it
might be usable (even in a rough alpha build).

(BTW, many kudos to Chris Rogers and everyone who's been involved in Web
Audio API.  It's brilliant work and I'm looking forward to using it!)

Cheers & thanks,

Dave Benson

PhD Candidate, Sound Recording Area

McGill University
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