[webkit-help] Windows Webkit Build - EventListeners

Mike Fairlamb m.fairlamb at netsupportsoftware.com
Fri Jan 6 09:59:14 PST 2012


Successfully built and using Windows Webkit build in our application. I am 
trying to implement Event Listeners in C++ to handler the mouse clicks 
events from the loaded page.

I have implemented the SimpleEventListener from WinLauncher and get the 
target element when the mouse is click on the page. 

In the handler, I then try and determine what element was click by using 
the code below:

   CComPtr<IDOMEventTarget> target = 0;
   HRESULT hr = evt->target(&target);

The return value is E_NOTIMPL, not implemented. 

This is not being implemented (obviously ) or I have not built webkit 
correctly and have missed out a chunk of code.

Can anyone shred some light on this problem or do I just keep digging!!

Thanks in advanced


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