[webkit-help] Doubt regarding placement of -expected.txt for a new layout test.

SravanKumar Sandela ssandela at innominds.com
Wed Feb 22 17:17:31 PST 2012


I have submitted a patch along with a new layout test. Cr-linux bot is
failing with a regression result as

Regressions: Unexpected no expected results found : (1)
  fast/forms/fieldset-legend-padding-unclipped-fieldset-border.html = MISSING

Failed to run "['xvfb-run', 'Tools/Scripts/new-run-webkit-tests',
'--chromium', '--skip-failing-tests', '--no-ne..." exit_code: 1
Using port 'chromium-linux-x86_64'
Test configuration: <lucid, x86_64, release, cpu>
Placing test results in /tmp/layout-test-results
Baseline search path: chromium-linux -> chromium-win -> chromium ->
win -> mac -> generic

I have uploaded the patch with -expected.txt file which is sitting in
/platform/win/fast/forms/. From the last line which i have pasted above,
i thought it will look for -expected file in /platform/win/ path also, but
still i see the error, can u please suggest what am i missing, should i be
keeping the -expected.txt near the test case itself as its output is
independent of platform, or should i keep it in /platform/chromium/ or
/platform/chromium-linux/ and then again re-submit the patch.

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