[webkit-help] Fwd: Deep copy of the page with it's JS context

Николай Матюнин matyunin.n at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 23:44:55 PST 2012

Dear WebKit developers!

I need your help (or just some advice).
Currently I use WebKit (actually phantom.JS, which is based on the WebKit)
as an instrument to research and develop the effective methods of ajax
web-applications crawling (just for academic purposes).

So, during the crawling, the application changes it's state after some
event was fired by the crawler. Then crawler should go back to the previous
state, to fire another event (and to get one more possible state), and so

Thus, I'd like to have the possibility to make a deep copy of the page
current state, including not only DOM tree copy, but also entire JavaScript
context of the page.
I have successfully (to a certain degree) achieved this goal with HtmlUnit
and Rhino JS engine, but Rhino is not supported in any real modern browser,
so I want to use WebKit (and JavaScriptCore or V8 JS engine).

Can I achieve this goal with WebKit? Is it possible technically? (As I see,
this "hack" was not supposed by design, most classes in source code are not
copyable and so on). Which classes I should consider first?
Maybe, it's better (and more simply) to use V8 engine (than JSC) to achieve
this goal?

Thanks a lot!
Nikolay Matyunin.
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