[webkit-help] Exporting WebCore API

Thomas Palmer tjpalmer at tjpalmer.com
Sat Aug 11 16:49:24 PDT 2012


This has probably been asked before, although I haven't used the right
search terms.

I would __LOVE__ to use WebCore as a C++ library, and it has all these
wonderful things like WebGLRenderingContext and dom things and whatnot. I'd
have little need to use another UI toolkit in my life, so far as I'd be
concerned. But none of it is exported in the public WebKit interface, nor
is it available, for example, in the webkitgtk so file.

I have seen the partial Chromium interface (having tried it first through
Chromium itself), and I see that WebKit2 is exposing a bit at least in a C
interface. Also, apparently the internal WebCore APIs are considered
unstable. Is all this correct?

What is the game plan for the future on this front?

If I went to the effort of trying putting exports on all the WebCore APIs
using a #define that is turned off by default, could that possibly be an
acceptable patch? How unstable is WebCore? I'm inclined to think I'd be
willing to ride with the flow if it's at least semi-stable, and I suspect
WebKit maintainers also feel little need to churn too much. Those using the
optionally exported WebCore would be using at their own risk. The optional
export turned off by default would also prevent file bloat size for those
who don't want it.

I think the "use at your own risk" plan is quicker RTO for me than trying
to duplicate all of WebCore just to maintain a bridge, when I doubt I can
pick the perfect C++ API either.


Thanks much,
Tom Palmer
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