[webkit-help] where can i find the list of functionality covered by Layout Tests?

PandaCanFly zpc85 at 126.com
Wed Sep 14 20:23:07 PDT 2011

thanks a lot! I'm very glad to accept your advice~~~

At 2011-09-14 18:27:50,"SravanKumar Sandela" <sravan.ken at gmail.com> wrote:

Layout tests have lots of beautifull options.
One out of them is to run a stand alone test. You can run it by just passing the full path of the test as argument run-webkit-tests script. You can run the test what ever you doubt about and see its results to find out what it is doing. You can even run a category of tests just by passing directory path to run-webkit-tests script.

running the tests individually is the best way to analyze what exactly they are testing. So, please follow it and make a document for your self. And once you are sure about your analysis, may be its not a bad idea to send it across to webkit-help list. That way you would clarify your doubts more clearly and would have helped the group a lot.

I am not working on webkit now to give u straight answers, but i can give you generic ones like the once above :)



2011/9/14 PandaCanFly<zpc85 at 126.com>

i am sorry for disturb you. But i forgot to cc towebkit-help at lists.webkit.org. Please ignore this message.

At 2011-09-14 14:34:28,PandaCanFly <zpc85 at 126.com> wrote:

thanks for your reply!
As you say, there are many subdirectories in LayoutTests DIR. Firstly, some of them i don't recognize. For example, "animations", "media". whether tests in each subdirectory cover a standard or not? How can I get these standard? Secondly, is there some recording concerning testing exist which had been finished by staff of webkit or someone else?

At 2011-09-14 11:38:58,"SravanKumar Sandela" <sravan.ken at gmail.com> wrote:

If you have successfully ran Layout tests, you should also have known that they are almost around 21K in number. These tests cover functionality of allmost every single HTML element existing in the spec and CSS Properties too(by verifying their layout). 

For clear understanding of what aspects they cover, take a look at the directory name and Test case name. Analyzing every test case names will be a laborius task, so go with directory names. You will understand them much better if you know HTML Tags and CSS Specifications.

2011/9/14 张鹏超<zpc85 at 126.com>

Hi, all.
     I have been learning the testing frame of webkit and succsussfully run the layout and javascriptcore tests with the help of instruction documents recently.
     Then I tried to find out the functionality covered by test cases, but I could't get any useful information of Layout test.For example, Javascriptcore test casesare from Mozilla ECMA tests, that is clearly specified in the documents. But what about layout tests? I searched all the douments onwebkit.org but no anwser was given, then I checked all the log file under the LayoutTests folder, following was the first log:
2005-09-30  Eric Seidel  <eseidel at apple.com>
        Reviewed by xenon.
        Moved WebCore/layout-tests to LayoutTests
       But it still didn't help.  Does anyone have the same question with me? And Dose anyone can help?

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