[webkit-help] Firing Touch Events through custom drivers and Custom Event types

Leander Bessa leanderbb at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 08:19:43 PDT 2011

I have incorrectly explained the situation in 1). I would like the driver to
trigger the touch events inside WebKit and not the other way around. Since
WebCore already has the touch event defined, i just need a way to feed the
data which'll originate from a touch screen driver.

Thanks for the information regarding 2) and 3)!



On Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 4:06 PM, Julien Chaffraix <
julien.chaffraix at gmail.com> wrote:

> > 1) Trigger the touch events from touch screen through a custom driver. I
> > have some doubts if this can really be done in the Core layer or has to
> be
> > port specific due to the screen's drivers.
> By itself WebCore (not Core btw) does not know about which toolkit it
> is talking to so it has no way of sending a toolkit event to your
> driver. Also WebKit is an engine thus driven by the browser which is
> the primary receiver of the events (not the other way around).
> Now as you seem to be modifying WebCore anyway, you can totally expose
> such functionality. As the events are tied to a toolkit, the
> implementation of that is very port specific.
> > 2) Create custom events which can be registered by elements in the dom
> tree
> > (e.g.: such as elem.onclick= function() or elem.addEventListener). These
> > events are also fed through a custom driver which receives input from a
> > joystick or a webcam.
> This is a huge question! I won't go in the details as 1) it varies
> depending on your port or version of WebKit and 2) it would take a
> long time. Basically take an event that is similar to what you want
> and mirror what it does. Look for the event handlers and add your own.
> Also make sure to look at the archives as a lot of the sub-tasks you
> will encounter have been already asked.
> > 3) Integrate the changes in the build system. From what i can tell, this
> > needs to be done a per port basis. Unless, of course, the build-script
> > generates these files.
> There is no automation here: the build-script (build-webkit) only
> calls the different ports' build system based on the parameters you
> give and the environment. Each build system needs to be updated
> manually. There was some talk about merging our build systems to
> simplify the maintenance hassle but it did not go far.
> Hope it helps,
> Julien
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