[webkit-help] asm code

zhangyu webkit at zhyu.org
Tue Oct 25 07:30:44 PDT 2011


anyone can explain these codes for me ?   

 __declspec(naked) EncodedJSValue ctiTrampoline(void* code, RegisterFile*, CallFrame*, void* /*unused1*/, Profiler**, JSGlobalData*)
        __asm {
            push ebp;
            mov ebp, esp;
            push esi;
            push edi;
            push ebx;
            sub esp, 0x3c;  // why here is 0x3c
            mov esi, 512;
            mov ecx, esp;
            mov edi, [esp + 0x58];  //why here is 0x58
            call [esp + 0x50];//why here is 0x50   and jump to...
            add esp, 0x3c;
            pop ebx;
            pop edi;
            pop esi;
            pop ebp;

thank you very much!
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