[webkit-help] Writing custom url handler for webkit apple port on windows

Sumedh vsbhogle at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 00:50:41 PDT 2011


We are writing a custom url handler for webkit apple port on windows. I had
asked similar question earlier,

Here is adams reply

If all you want to do is provide custom data for certain resources and have
WebKit render the resulting data for you, you might want to investigate
using IWebResourceLoadDelegate::willSendRequest to modify the URLs of those
resources to use a custom URL scheme, and then implement a handler for your
URL scheme that provides the desired data. URL handlers are a feature of
whatever networking library you're using, not of WebKit itself, so the
mechanism for implementing one depends on which networking library you're

we are using CFNetowork for networking operations. How can i implement a
custom url handler for the same? Can i override the handler for default
schemes such as file://, http:// etc.

Sumedh S Bhogle
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