[webkit-help] how to get ExecState from ScriptExecutionContext

Per Bothner per.bothner at oracle.com
Tue Oct 11 17:40:20 PDT 2011

In our WebNode implementation (part of JavaFX) we have a class
JavaEventListener, which extends WebCore::EventListener.
The virtual handleEvent method takes a ScriptExecutionContext*
and an Event*, as in the parent class.  This methods needs to map the
WebKit Event to a Java Event.

The Java Event object needs access to the ExecState.  (The reason is
that the Java Event object has methods like getSrcElement, which
return a Java Node object, and for convenience this Node object also
has access to the corresponding JavaScript object.  The various
JavaScript operations make use of JSGlobalContextRef which is the
same as ExecState.)

So the question is there an approved way to get from a 
to an ExecState/CallFrame/JSGlobalContextRef?  I've looked through the
source code, but haven't found the solution.
	--Per Bothner
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