[webkit-help] I need help in building webkit wincairo

Kunio Yamazaki yamazaki at fusenetwork.co.jp
Thu Oct 6 18:35:37 PDT 2011

Hi Adam,

(2011/10/04 0:19), Adam Roben wrote:
> On Oct 3, 2011, at 5:43 AM, Kunio Yamazaki wrote:
> Something is causing the WinCairo build to try to link against WebKitQuartzCoreAdditions.lib.

The place which was being investigated about the link error of WebKit wincario build,
In /Source/WebKit2/DerivedSources.make,
If ./include/WebKitQuartzCoreAdditions/WebKitQuartzCoreAdditionsBase.h is contained in WebKitSupportLibrary,
#define HAVE_WKQCA 1 is defined as HeaderDetection.h. 

The newest WebKitSupportLibrary was checked and WebKitQuartzCoreAdditionsBase.h was contained. 
It checked that "#define HAVE_WKQCA 1" was defined with HeaderDetection.h. 

Then, WebKitSupportLibrary which was being used in the past checked, 
WebKitQuartzCoreAdditionsBase.h is not contained, and HeaderDetection.h was empty. 
Building at this time was successful. 

Although I think that this caused the link error, how is it? 

Then, It builds by deleting WebKitQuartzCoreAdditionsBase.h. 
About a result, I think that I will report later. 



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