[webkit-help] Choosing Audio Devices?

Seth Willits slists at araelium.com
Tue Nov 22 12:29:58 PST 2011

Is there any way to direct WebKit to use a particular audio device? (Specifically on Mac OS X.)

I took a look through the source code for the first time, and it seems that in WebCore/platform/audio/mac/AudioDestinationMac.cpp, it limits all audio to playing over the system default output device. What I'm hoping is that there's some what to direct it to use a particular device, and then WebKit proper and all of the plugins will use that device.

Even directing WebKit to use a particular device, I'm not sure that it would mean all of the plugins (Flash and Silverlight particularly) would use use that same device, or if they bypass WebKit altogether when playing their audio — I'm just not sure how the plugin architecture works.

Any info would help, thanks.

Seth Willits

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