[webkit-help] Building Webkit On Windows

Mike Fairlamb m.fairlamb at netsupportsoftware.com
Thu Nov 17 03:01:00 PST 2011


Just spent the last few days building Webkit on windows. Eventually got a build 
and was able to run the various exes created and create some embedded apps 

The tried to create a C++ wrapper around the webkit.tlb, this is when I realised 
that the interfaces were not getting built.

When I started to build these projects, I had alot of problems with the .IDL 
files, there were just wrong and would never compile (with the MIDL compile). 

Checked with the lastest trunk source and nothing has been update to the .IDL 
files so this is still an existing problem.

Got Interface built cleaning but the webkit.tlb was still not correct.

A couple of questions:

1 - Has any managed to succesfully build a webkit.tlb with the correct interface 
definitions, if so how and what else is required.

2 - All the work I did correcting the problems with the .IDL files, should these 
be put back into the trunk, if so, how do I do this.

Mike Fairlamb

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